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At Vinglet we democratize entrepreneurship profiles: individual, startup, advisor, company, university, institution, incubator, accelerator and business angel

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Welcome to Vinglet

For companies, advisors, investors, universities, institutions, incubators and incubators.

Vinglet has a strategic tool for your entire ecosystem with which you can undertake, seek talent, train, validate and sell your products or services and capture the attention of investors.

Some of our advantages


Recruit talent, validate or sell a product or service in our marketplace at a national and international level.

Upload your metrics to make yourself known among our investors.


Courses, workshops and webinars in online, blended or face-to-face format.

Content uploaded by Universities, Accelerators, Incubators, Institutions, Companies and Advisors.


Validate and sell product or service nationally or internationally.

Vinglet has a presence in many countries, we link by tags.


Incubator, accelerator, business angels and venture capital, will have all free services if they sign a collaboration agreement with Vinglet.

Attract talent

You will be able to attract talent in the 8 countries where we have a presence, recently graduated profiles, media and managers.

Vinglet allows you to carry out personalized searches, applying special filters to obtain satisfactory results.


Make open innovation with universities collaborating with Vinglet

You can register as a company within our platform and thus be able to contact our affiliated universities.

Detail what needs you have, with which university faculty you would like to collaborate and send an invitation to start working together.

Once the invitation is accepted, the challenge proposal will be created with the university

You will receive between 10-15 proposals and for each proposal 5 attached documents, illustrative photographs and human capital.

Challenges gives us an excellent opportunity to attract talent.

Finally, everything will be digitized, from your offices or home you will be able to access the platform and work with the students.

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