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Estamos en Barcelona y Buenos Aires

Barcelona, España

Our offices are located in Buenos Aires Street, 60, main 1st, Barrio Eixample, in the City of Barcelona, Spain, neighboring the Ensanche (in Catalan and officially the Eixample) is the name given to the second district of the city of Barcelona, which was the right one for Ildefonso Cerdá. He was an engineer, urbanist, jurist, economist and Spanish politician. Considered one of the founders of modern urbanism, his most important project was the urban reform of Barcelona in the nineteenth century through the Cerdá Plan, with which he created the current district of Ensanche.

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Vinglet |

Vinglet |

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our offices are located in Ombu 2971, Barrio Parque (Palermo Chico), in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina neighboring La Recoleta and only minutes away from the main Banking and Corporate area of  Buenos Aires (Microcentro).

As referential landmark, we are located 2 blocks away from the MALBA Museum (Avenida Presidente Figueroa Alcorta 3415).

We have free parking available. Please, fill in the form to make sure you have a spot available in your next visit to our office.